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  1. Joni

    I can actually see this becoming useful someday, about ten geoanetirns from now. We have people who need to switch from English to Russian, or English to Chinese, and keycaps suck ass. And even li’l ol’ monolingual me would like to be able to change out some unutilized keys for ones I actually use.But not for a grand.

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    comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 09:51. eu sou normal, mas acho que essa “normal girl” tá fazendo mta força, viu? nunca fazer a unha, comprar bolsa pela praticidade?!?!menas, filha!ainda não te encontrei, nem entre as minhas amigas, nem entre as amigas da minhas mãe, nem entre as amigas das minhas vizinhas, nem na escola, ou no trabalho!quem sabe nas cavernas do afeganistão!


    5 aooounts , a mortgage and I feel compelled to leave. I have a small business and I go out of my way to keep customers happy. You seem to be arrogant and unsympathetic to my plight so i have very little choice. My credit union is more than happy to have my money and provide free services in return

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    Je pense que la phrase reçue de GEn «Je trouve tes vetements jolis mais pas toi dedans »voulait + dire qu’il avait seulement dit que ses vêtements étaient jolies, et avait coupé sa phrase drette là (l’, sans la phrase espérée de Gen voulant qu’il la trouve jolie, elle…Bah GEN, comme dit VAL , tu as pas perdue grand chose, non? mais ça doit te faire ch** quand même c’est sûr..


    Nie wiem czy Pan zauważył, ale to nie jest tekst o muzyce. Tak zwane powinowactwo sztuk to niestety fikcja, bo malarz ma pędzel w ręku, a muzyk smyczek, albo pałeczkę. O ile pałeczką idzie jeszcze coś namalować, o tyle smyczkiem nie bardzo. I dlatego przenoszenie problemów muzycznych na grunt inny jest błędem. Być może mało znaczącym, ale jednak błędem.

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    Thank you so much for sharing about your experiance at Leadership Summit 2008 and the impact Gary and IJM has made on you. We are so excited to hear how these speaking engagments reach and impact those who hear them. Continue to seek and learn. We here at IJM are excited and praying for you. We also recommend Gary’s new book Just Courage (which he may have spoke on) which continues in more detail on these topics.


    Excellent tout cela ! Tu mets des statistiques au service d’un sentiment partagé par tous : Roger, sur les balles de break, c’est pas le meilleur… Et même pire, d’après tes chiffres !En fait ta démonstration se résume sur un coup : le fameux retour de revers slicé sur seconde balle. Est ce que Djokovic, brillant en retour, en fait souvent des retours de ce genre sur balle de break ? Je n’en ai pas le souvenir…Dommage que la volonté d’agression dès le retour que le début de la collaboration avec Annacone avait supposé fin 2010 ne se soit pas confirmée en 2011…


    Phil, December 10, 2008 at 6:39 am The Tiger Airlines ‘Hotline’ is indeed totally disfunctional. Both their phone and fax seemed to be permanantly engaged during business hours. Has anyone been able to contact Tiger via another means? Anyone have a mailing address? Flights changes by them are a real problem – especially when it is impossible to contact them.


    En tout état de cause, on n’a qu’une joue à offrir . Après ????? On est libre d’agir .Un sujet d’étonnement et de questionnement : dans mon village, le secrétaire de la section socialiste est un catho, bon teint . Que l’on m’explique !


    Thank you Shelli! I too am relinquishing which is the reason for the post. I believe relinquishing is as important as deciding on what to add for a coming year. We must leave some things behind in order to make room for the new.Bless you for always commenting. That means a great deal to those of us who write on a regular basis. Makes me know I’m not just a voice “crying in the wilderness”!Warmly,Linda

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    When we found out my husband had a brain tumor and would need surgery, a friend gave me Jesus Calling and those devotions helped me so much to “suffer well” and trust God through it all. This year will be my third year going through it and it’s as powerful as the first time.


    The end of this season revealed Chelsea’s strengths and also their weaknesses. Strengths are will to fight and unity.Weaknesses are age, injuries.Needs are a right back, creative mid. There’s an opening for Josh, and they need to buy a quality mid.Very hard choice ahead for the strikers. Drogba is better than Torres… right now. But next year? In two years? And they apparently cannot play together, unfortunately.Reply

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    Hello from the Pacific Northwest! You both have so many pretty blooms continuing through your autumn! The Protea is really a fascinating looking pretty! The yellow Abutilon is a wonderful, buttery shade. Wishing you both a Happy GBBD! Cheers, Jenni


    “sniff sniff” this made me tear up…what an honor for them to have a friend like you that actually acknowledges their place in your life. So sweet. There is something extremely special about old friends. Great pics..still lovin’ the bangs


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    ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNotice there are no denials from P, except that P is one person, not a staff that includes FredP doesn’t deny working for the paper (either directly or indirectly)or that his/her job is to stir debate, increase the number of hits to the site and thereby enhance ad revenue.I think it’s sad that publishers are allowed to artificially increase its revenue by such cheap tactics. I suppose advertisers won’t mind because their ads are being viewed but eventually the public will feel used and bored to the point of changing channels.So Pbrain the jig is up. Reveal yourself as the paid hack that you are.

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